Aluminium Composite Garage Doors:

Alco-bond Flush glazed doors are segmented into 5/6 horizontal panels in Cat X2 powder-coated aluminium. Alcobond aluminium Composite Panel is a composite comprising a skin of two aluminium sheets sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continuous integrated co-extrusion process. It is guaranteed against risks such as delamination, deformation, loss of colour fidelity, and deglossing.

Available colours: Over 40 colours to choose from.

Aluminium Sectional Garage Doors:

Aluminium garage doors weigh much less than its wooden, steel, or Aluzinc counterparts and are as strong and sturdy as stainless steel. They are able to handle whatever the elements throw at them much better than wooden doors, and aluminium does not rust like steel. One of the aluminium garage door’s greatest advantages is that when you decide to redecorate your home sometime in the future, you can just simply paint over them or create any surface that would suit your décor. This is something that you can do on your own or have a custom design done by a professional.

Available colours (slatted design only): White, Brown, Bronze, and Cape Oak.

Alu-Lux™ Sectional Garage Doors:

Aluzinc is a flat steel substrate coated on both sides with an aluminium-zinc alloy. The coating is composed of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon. The coating is applied to the flat steel surfaces by way of a continuous hot-dip galvanizing process.

The excellent corrosion resistance of Aluzinc is a result of the properties of the two metallic substances: the barrier effect of the aluminium present on the surface of the coating and the sacrificial protection of zinc. This will give your Aluzinc garage door a long life expectancy without any regular maintenance. It will also remain good looking for a long time. These garage doors are ideal for coastal weather conditions as we have in KZN.

The Aluzinc garage door has good corrosion resistance at high temperatures and has good abrasion resistance because of its surface hardness. These doors can be painted over to match your house design.

Available colours (slatted/raised & fielded design): White, Brown, Bronze, and Charcoal.

Meranti Sectional Garage Doors:

The good looks of a wooden garage door will largely depend on maintenance. Wood, like all natural products, requires regular maintenance. This implies that the wooden door is cleaned and oiled at regular intervals depending on the type. Without the maintenance, your wooden door will suffer damage that is not repairable at a later stage. Meranti doors should be treated two weeks after installation and every six months thereafter or as required. Meranti doors are available in single, double, caravan, and certain custom sizes suitable for any home.

Glass Sectional Garage Doors:

The ultimate in style for the trendy homeowner. Flush glazed garage doors segmented in 5/6 horizontal panels in CatX2 powder coated aluminium and 6.38mm S10 reflective intruderprufe safety glass that is machine polished all around.

Available colours: Blue, grey, bronze, aquamarine, serene green, silver, bronze/white translucent

Steel/Corotex Sectional Garage Doors:

Steel garage doors are stylish and rugged for ultimate safety. These doors come in slatted or raised and fielded blocks with embossed wood grain finish.

Available colours: Off white, buffalo brown, sandstone beige, dark dolphin, red oak.

FibreGlass Sectional Garage Doors:

Fibreglass doors are available in wood grain finish to suit the design of most homes. Due to the harsh weather conditions at the coast, we do not recommend these doors for coastal applications.

Available colours: Brown, white, mahogany, embuia.